Criminal Audition

This movie is amazing, really good plot & great acting. Criminal Audition is a wonderful lesson in filmmaking for all aspiring directors. Criminal Audition is without doubt the best Horror movie, a new standard. When I watched Criminal Audition online for the first time, I really surprised myself. Criminal Audition is Samuel Gridley's masterpiece. Artistry of actors are just magnificent, no actor gave us a weak performance. I'm certain that Criminal Audition will continue to live for centuries. In conclusion Criminal Audition is just absolutely awesome, that's why it is considered one of the 5 greatest movies of all time. Tweet this movie on twitter or share it on facebook with your friends.

Storyline of Criminal Audition

An ex-lawyer and his team run an underworld service, providing fake criminals to take on other peoples crimes. But a new dangerous client turns their world upside down as they face lies, deceit and murder over the course of one night.

Duration: 92 min

Quality: HD 720

Release: 2020

IMDb: 7.4